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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 20, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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before death i kicks in. you in florida i am counting on you guys. mr. bill, what angers you now? >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i just think it's nuts. first of all, it's insulting. >> some conservatives like newt gingrich and george will are attacking mitt romney for actually telling it the truth. this is a bizarre situation and we will get into it. >> i blame the president for making this a death trap. i blame the president for not having assets available to help these people for eight hours. >> bill: drama growing over the libyan situation. the president still has not explained why his administration mislead the public about the murderous terror attack. is this another watergate? journalists bob word ward has some thoughts. also tonight, dennis miller on general prelt and adam corolla on dick tore i can't secret
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surrendering to p.c. forces. caution, you are about to enter no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: one of the bad things about america is that some of us feel the need to kick people when they are down. that's exactly what's happening to mitt romney right now. millions of americans are very disappointed that the governor did not weaj a more -- wage a more aggressive campaign to unseed president obama. played it safe. signatures out the last 8 days of the campaign. after hurricane sandy hit the east coast the governor simply disappeared from the news cycle, apparently that was fine with him because he had many opportunities to state his case with some urgency in
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the last weekend but passed. so president obama's team, run by the brilliant david axelrod, won the fourth quarter bill. they pinpointed voters who might support them, government them out to vote on election day. meantime, the romney campaign made a series of local appearances saying the same thing over and over and over. early on election night when trends began to appear, i said. this. >> it's a changing country, the demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things. president obama. he knows it. and he ran on it. >> bill: now, that's the truth. and there is no denying the statistics in exit polling. however, some liberal americans were outraged that i would actually say the truth. i will tell you why in a moment. 8 days after the vote, mitt romney held a conference call
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with his donors and pretty much said what i said. >> the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> again, that's the truth. here is the backup. 20% of those who voted on election day make under $30,000 a year. those folks are either poor or close to it. many of those voters receive entitlements, food stamps, housing subsidies, that kind of thing. and, of course, they don't want those programs cut or reorganized. among americans making less than 30,000 bucks a year, 63%, 63% voted for barack obama. just 35% voted for mitt romney. from that group the president received about 7 million more votes than romney did.
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3 and a half million. so it is a stone cold fact that lower income americans, largely reelected president obama. now, the left is going to scream when you say that because they don't want to acknowledge the economics of the vote. so, when i told you the truth on election night, i was immediately branded a racist and worse. this is what americans should understand. liberals want to see themselves as noble they don't want to consider the fact that entitlements buy votes. that goes against their sensibilities. so if you tell them the truth that entitlesments do indeed buy votes, they attack you. but now mitt romney is also getting it from the right wing conservative george will called romney out on sunday. >> quit despising the measure people, particularly because a lot of what they are despising them for, republic policies,
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mid romney says, republicans doubled the child tax credit for conservative reasons, yes, because they expand the earned income tax credit as ronald reagan did because they thought it was effective anti-- >> -- he is pettifogging the issue. it doesn't matter where it comes from millions of americans want them. at the want the government to provide. newt gingrich also slammed romney. >> i just think it's nuts. first of all, it's insulting, this is like wal-mart having a bad week and going the customers have been unruly the john of the political leader in part if we can't offer a better future that is believable to more people we are not going to win. >> bill: what does that mean, mr. speaker? is the republic party going to out entitlement the democrats? what does that mean?
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mitt romney's failure is very clear. he could not convince the majority of voters that he would look out for them. period. he could not outrage over $16 trillion debt or explain total nic collapse. romney was timid. he wasn't paul revere spreading the word about danger. what do you think those making less than $30,000 a year were voting for? what were they voting for? do you think they were voting for massive debt? were they voting for continued chaos in the middle east? were they voting for more government regulations? that inhibit businesses from hiring working people? were think voting for 8% unemployment that keeps salaries down because there are more workers than jobs? were they voting for any of that? no. millions of lower income americans voted for the
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candidate who they thought was going to directly help them financially. not every obama voter did that but many absolutely did. going forward the republic party does have though change. it can't disparage poor people. it has to engage them. it has to demonstrate that a healthy economy based on discipline and robust capitalism will lift far more people out of poverty than government handouts will. you have got to sell that romney didn't. maybe marco rubio or bobby jindal or nikki haley, maybe they can finally, governor romney did not confront the of the far left fanatics who demonize them. let me give you a perfect example. "the washington post" said i your humble correspondent served up a bigoted commentary. quote a couple hours before president obama was declared the victor bill o'reilly offered up his explanation why
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it was about to use because it's a containing country not a traditional america how many. in case many might be confused about the meaning of traditional he elaborated the white establishment is now the minority. in other words, the problem was too many voters of color. how vile. how vile. in other words, you pinheads have no right to lie about me by putting fabricated words in my mouth. that's not what i said. you disgrace the journalism industry. you seek to demonize anyone who disagrees with your far left view. am i being clear enough? the whited establishment no longer dominates the political field in america. that is crystal clear. i don't lament that. i'm not pining for a return to calvin coolidge i just reported it but for crazed idealogues that's inconsequential. the post summed up their
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dishonest commentary saying quote: it's encouraging that many republicans are repudiating the contemptuous and contemptible o'reilly-romney world view unquote. here is what is really contemptible. you guys spinning an honest look at the vote as a diatribe against poor people and minorities. that's what's contemptible. the "the washington post" editorial staff could not care less about the truth. that american society is dependent on a giant federal nanny which cannot possibly afford all of the stuff it is giving out. that's the truth. we are turning into a western europe. and that is exactly what the "the washington post" wants. their world view is destructive to america. it will be confronted here. that's the memo. by the way, jon stewart hopped on this bandwagon and i will deal with him a bit later on in the broadcast. next on the rundown, juan and
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mary katharine react to the talking points.
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>> continuing with lead story conservative and liberal america attacking mitt romney and me over entitlements. joining us from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both are fox news analysts. juan, you used to work for the "the washington post." >> i did. >> bill: what about that hit peace? come on? the o'reilly romney view of the world. sounds like i ran for president and he was v.p. on the ticket. [ laughter ] >> i think when they start with the name-calling, i have no used for it, bill. i have had to deal with this as a black person on school vouchers, as well as comments about muslims in the airport. you know that's what i said. that's not what i'm thinking. i know you personally, that's just crazy. i think romney and ryan, romney spoke about the president's base as if he was rewarding elements of the base. ryan spoke about an urban population, that's getting
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closer. and it's worrisome. but the real issue i have the one i want to discuss with you is what you said in the talking points memo because i don't think people necessarily voted in terms of their economic interests. i think there are lots of poor people. i think there are lots of seniors who receive medicare and social security who voted for mitt romney. i think there are lots of people in the suburbs of new york, connecticut and jersey who are in some of these big companies that would have to spay higher taxes under president obama who none the less believe president obama was the better candidate and voted for the best of america. >> bill: look, juan, come on, you have got to be the stats are overwhelming. mar catherine that's i base my commentary on election night and this evening. the underwhelming under $30,000 a year they broke 7 million plus for obama. if it had been 50/50 in that area romney would be
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president. you can't tell me that economics weren't the primary motivating force for that group to vote for president obama. first of all, unfair post. unfair to many in the media pointing out some of the statistics about the election and actually pointing out that indeed minority increase in turnout and in urban areas, yes, in cities where the g.o.p. has problems relating to folks and bringing folks into their fold and voting for them those are not racist staples and we need to get away from that if we are going to analyze this like we want to. i will will say that you said yourself that some 30 something percent of under $30,000 a year voted for romney. i don't think those who voted for obama are necessarily completely ruled by whatever -- wooed by whatever benefit were given to them. >> bill: if you are going to say that, if that's going to be your point of view, you have to fill in the blank. what did they vote for? i just listed eight things
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did. they vote for 8% unemployment? 16 trillion-dollar debt? what did they vote for? >> i think that large -- i think that that can play a role. >> bill: no, answer my question, mary katharine. >> they voted for the fact. >> bill: $30,000, what did they vote for. >> they voted for the fact that they didn't believe romney was on their side and had their back -- that is a failure of our own and of romney's campaign and we cannot avoid that. >> bill: now we're getting some place. juan, i'm going to ask you the same question. wait, mary katharine, wait. we're getting sr. -- somewhere now. romney doesn't have their back as you said. that's a general statement. that doesn't mean anything. what was that base -- feeling based on? what was the feeling based on that romney wasn't looking out for them? i agree, the perception was that romney wasn't looking out for them. but what was that based on, mary katharine? was it a social issue or a financial issue? >> i think there are several parts of it. >> bill: no, what was it. >> wait, hold on. let me also point out another
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stat here. for asian americans which is one of the more highly educated and affluent groups in america, that was one of the biggest turn around in obama in attracting that group. he didn't offer them government dependency. at the didn't offer them financial gifts. inchly phiing to only that -- >> bill: i will give yuan a chance. >> there is a larger cultural sense. >> bill: listen to me. when i ask you a direct question and you don't have an answer it's best to say i don't know. do you know, juan? >> i think when you go back to 47%, i think people feel he was looking out for the top 2% in wig corporations. >> bill: what did they vote for? >> wasn't looking out for them. >> bill: we all agree, all three of us agree that the under 30,000 crew didn't believe romney was going to help them. what did they vote for, juan why reelecting president obama? what? >> i think they voted for a country where they feel that as seniors, as veterans, as people who may be disabled that the country moving
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forward, especially in terms of this fiscal cliff and economic decisions about priorities. >> bill: this is like a kid in high school. what did they vote for? juan? >> i just told you. they voted for a government they feel knows their situation. understands what it means to be in their financial situation and. >> bill: and then do what? there has has got to be more than understanding and empathy, do what. >> move forward. >> bill: move forward where? >> move forward in this economy. you said and this is something i disagree with. >> bill: we have 8% unemployment. we have 16 trillion-dollar debt. we're not moving forward, juan. >> we are moving forward. >> bill: no reason we are moving forward. no way. >> yes. i think that most americans disagree with you and think that the economy is finally starting to go forward. >> bill: based on what? based on what? >> if you don't invest in education, infrastructure, and the american people, and just give money back to the rich, then you go back to the days where taxes and regulation.
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>> bill: you are both disagreeing but you are agreeing in a round about way and i have got to run it's about money. this vote was about money, primarily there are a few kooks who, you know, with the abortion craziness and the gay marriage, that became a very, very important thing. i shouldn't say they were kooks but -- >> -- convince people otherwise if you are just blaming it on that or outbid the democrats you? can't do that you have to make a different pitch. >> bill: the vote was about money. that's what it was about. >> i think everyone votes about more things than that. >> bill: all right. mary katharine and juan happy thanksgiving. we have a brand new bill o' poll question for you. was mitt romney wrong in saying that the president was was he wrong in saying that? directly ahead, libya mess still in play. the obama administration still not telling us what happened. is this like watergate? bob woodward will be here.
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later, dennis miller on general petraeus and the possible collapse of twinkies and ding dingdongs, oh
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. i trust most of you are up to speed on the libyan situation. we still don't know who ordered ambassador susan rice to say it was videotape when the administration well knew it was a terrorist situation from the jump. congress trying to get to the bottom of it. most of the press sitting it out. joining us from washington bob woodward. author of the best selling book the price of politics we're going to get to that in a moment about the budget and all of that mr. woodward broke. of the watergate stories back in the 70s. do you see any parallels here. and i say that because the government right now, the open bama administration is stone
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walling. they don't want to tell the folks, i don't know why, maybe you do, why wouldn't you want to just say here is what happened. i don't get it do you see any parallels? >> not yet. we don't know that there is a crime of corruption here but i do agree we should dig into it. at least the obama white house has not come out and said it was a third rate terrorist attack. they have just been basically silent. and. >> bill: why? do you have any theory on why? i just don't understand if you know it's a terror attack, tell the american people we can take it well, they kind of did. and they kind of didn't. and, of course, that's the problem here. the way i look at is how do you go about finding out what really happened? and you need to a procedure and a method and that is you have got to find the nonpolitical appointees, the, you know, the regular government workers in the white house, in the intelligence agency. and dig into it and that takes
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time. i have spent some time not enough because i have been working on other things. but talking to some people about this and i don't -- as i said, see a corruption here. this could be explained by misjudgment, clearly it is a serious situation. let's keep working. >> bill: here is the problem i see with water gate. by the way i got into journalism because of you and the "the washington post." i mean, i just slammed the "the washington post" but i got into journalism because of bernstein and woodward and the watergate thing because i saw how you guys basically took on the establishment. and you got to the truth and it was painful and it was bloody. we don't have that kind of a press now by the way. we don't have a lot of that anymore. we have a few that do it. but very few. >> i'm not -- not enough of it, i agree. >> bill: it's changed. but here is the parallel i see. nixon clearly could have said at the very beginning hey, these idiots broke into the
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watergate headquarters and they shouldn't have done it. and i'm sorry about it. and if i had anything to do with it, i apologize. but that's not not what i meant. he could have gotten a lot, you know, he got in deeper and deemp and deeper. by trying to cover it up. i don't understand why president obama at that press conference last week didn't just say look, it was a screw up. we screwed up. i don't know why susan rice went out but of course he does know why. he told -- i don't know why he ♪ening being upfront about it. i just don't. >> he said, i mean, give him credit. he said don't come after susan rice. come after me. >> bill: i'm coming after you. tell us the truth. you know the truth, tell it to us. >> exactly. you have got to dig into it. you can't dig into it on a supposition. >> can't we hold the president of the united states responsible for stonewalling issue like this. >> keep digging at it you have got to have facts. unfortunately i have listened to all the coverage. i have read the thing. there are serious issues here. i mean, my god, for people
1:27 am
died. the job of the president is to protect everyone. it didn't happen in this case. >> bill: listen, i'm not accusing the obama administration for anything other than failing to tell the american people that's all. that's yard. they just won't. >> i agree we should dig into it the last thing i ever want to do is to be anywhere particularly on your show saying there is nothing to it and then it's going to turn out to be a big deal. >> bill: i don't know that and i don't know that but i'm disappointed that mr. obama won't explain it all right, now, your book is about obviously these -- the democratic and republic party trying to get some kind of budget. trying to get things under control with the 16 trillion-dollar debt. do you think they are going to get this deal before the end of the year? >> yeah, but it's more than about a budget or $16 trillion in debt. the issue is, do we have the financial house of the u.s. government in order and as i'm sure you would agree, we
1:28 am
don't. we don't even come close. it's a mess. and if they don't fix something on the fiscal cliff, the tax rates, which are going to go up for everyone, the automatic spending cuts, which make absolutely no sense. if you and i sat down and devised it this way, we would have our head examined. >> bill: i think they are going to come to some kind of deal. i don't think they are going to lead that happen. >> let's hope not. because if they do it's going to be an economic catastrophe. >> bill: stock market will go down 700 points. right. >> it's going to be a leadership catastrophe. >> bill: after writing this book and, you know, it's fairly critical of the president and republic party as well. were you surprised he was reelected? >> you know, you never can tell. but the issues in this book, which i think are central to what this country really is and how we fix things, you know, there is a foreign minister or finance minister out there from another country
1:29 am
saying the u.s. government is one budget deal away from being the great country. and that's -- we need to fix that. >> bill: absolutely. bob woodward thanks very much. we appreciate it adam carolla hopped up about victoria secret being intact because much is the models wore indian head dresses. dennis miller. possible demise of twinkie. say it ain't so miller. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: rolling with can a roll will la segment tonight, even though is he a atheist he has some affection to the legal holiday. christmas display in santa monica has caught carolla's attention. for about 60 years the nativity scene. group of atheists were demanded their own in the park that caused them not to put up anything ho ho ho. what do you think here? are these atheists running christmas for the kids?
1:33 am
what is your crew doing carolla? >> my atheist crew? >> bill: yeah. >> you know we are out collecting goats' blood as we speak to draw giant pentagram in the middle of downtown. i'm an atheist because i don't want to be bothered not because i hate god or baby jesus or the wise men. i don't understand people who turn atheists into its own religion. it's a non-religion. it's an excuse to stay home on sunday and watch football instead of sit in pews and pray. so, for me, i don't get it. they are giving us atheists a bad name. and, you know, it's about the kids. christmas is about the kids. it's all about the kids. >> bill: for 60 years you had this nice display in santa monica which believe me has enough payingism paganism in other areas. there is no lack of that in santa monica. >> listen, if you want to see a hobo urinating just go
1:34 am
8 feet to the right. >> bill: want to see atheists go down to the pier or under the pier. and there they are. >> yeah, there is a clean -- there is a clean needle exchange program in the next park just go over there if you want to get your fill of the devil why not let the kids have a nice manger scene and leave them alone. >> i will tell you why. because most atheists are angry and it's not to do. see, i just screw up without religion with lazy parents and i just want to stay home on sunday. but a lot of people grew up with weirdo stepdad who was putting ptip out on behind and born again christian and now they are angry at god. >> bill: i think this thing has gone way too far. victoria secret, they, i guess, have a tv show coming up and they did a little shooting on it. and in the body, pardon the
1:35 am
pun, of the program, was a model in an indian head dress. i hope we can see this. there she is. native americans went crazy. and let me just explain their point of view because it's an interesting one. native americans in the tribe in particular says that this head dress was worn by heros and people of honor and it doesn't need to be denigrated by some babe in a bikini. when you put it that way they have a point, do they not? >> well, who says that 20-year-old coked up chic who hasn't eaten in three weeks isn't a hero number one. >> bill: we're not implying that woman is that. that's a general statement by carolla, go ahead. >> no. she may have eaten. [ laughter ] a, she may be a hero, b, you know, look, they wore angel wings, you know, last year. do all the christians who believe in heaven, were they all up in arms because they had angel wings on?
1:36 am
no. we weren't. so, just get over it. >> bill: you made a faux pas there you said we as in describing the christian group. i think you are a closet christian. i think you are coming back. >> i meant the blue eye deviled sort of>> bill: i predin carolla's death bed which could be any moment he will call the priest in and say father get me any kind of dispensation you can you believe this is politically correct nonsense with the victoria correct -- victoria secret deal and lakota should back off. >> yeah. unless they want to go to war. figure out who is going to win that one. bill will it wasn't their fault they are very brave. there were a lot of white devils coming at them all over the place. and you know how that can be. >> bill, be careful. i think you used the word brave and i don't know if that's all right.
1:37 am
>> bill: i admire the native measures. i understand why they are teed off about the head dress because that was a very important part of their culture and it is today. all right, carolla, thanks very much. say a prayer for you. another guy we have got to pray for, general petraeus, twinkies and the chicago murder rate all on the docket. miller is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, very busy week for the sage of southern california which is is why he is joining us on monday instead of wednesday. let's bring him n from santa ba bra. i think you agree with me miller, this whole petraeus thing hurts the country, right? >> country is hurt in a lot of ways right now, bill billy, i don't think this is the worst way. at least these women are hot. you know what i mean?
1:41 am
when i watch charles cheat on diana for camilla parker bowls i remember sitting at home going kidding me. huge ears small guys, what happened to that guy? people like sex they are always going to bonk. when petraeus said he was leading the surge i guess he was leading the surge, wasn't he? >> bill: in a broader context, we lose -- >> . no. >> bill: no? >> not for me. i think powerful men have always ran around. kay summers buy and tina turner both were ike lovers. >> bill: was that a different ike. >> ike turner the singer. >> i don't think this is a big ticket item right now except he was the head spook and he had to get out because he could be leveraged if you go one notch, two notches up and you are the president yeah, you can screw around capriciously. this guy can still be leveraged he can't be head spook anymore. do i think it indicates anything deeper about the
1:42 am
already state of contemporary america? no, i doesn't. >> do you believe that the military code of justice, which is why he had to get out because as you pointed out civilians get away with this. they are tarnished not like france when you fool around they like you get more votes there in fact, in france if you are a powerful man and you don't have a mistress they think you are gay. that's like accepted there. but here t. it's a different situation. it's a different society. >> sea civilian now. unless i don't understand it. he maintain his generalship? i thought he was retired. >> but you are still in the military code of justice because is he a general. is he called general. got all the stuff. and that's why he had to go. >> i thought he was called -- i just got to get this point straight. i thought he was retired general david petraeus now civilian head. cia. that's a very morning thing, i might have it completely wrong but if he is a civilian that isn't why he went on the sword because of the military code of justice. he went on the sword because
1:43 am
he knows every secret in the world and bad guys could leverage him. that's why he had to go. i think, but i might be wrong. >> no, but he cited the fact that the military code which he adheres too even though is he retired. when these guys retire they still maintain general, colonel all this business. if you are in a position of power. you are held to a higher standard. all right. >> i just didn't see it that way. i thought he was retired general. i'm not trying to disagree. i just think that there are are two different things. >> bill: retired general. he held himself to a higher standard. >> he held himself to a much higher standard he would have been bill clinton. >> bill: all right. let's segway into chicago it's not an easy segway. rahm immanuel is the mayor there as you know. he is going to ban vending machines that doesn't sell stuff that he doesn't like almost like bloomberg in morning. garbage food, sodas and all of that. replace them with healthy
1:44 am
vending machines. meanwhile the chicago murder rate is going out of the park. and you say? >> listen, you can still buy a vote in a machine in chicago, can't you? that is still intact. listen, you know, local in chicago only two pieces of bacon wrapped around something. i don't know that this is the end of the world. but i would point out that this is what the woodstock generation don't tell us anything about anything, woe don't trust the man. i just hope that everybody out there recognizes that they have become big brother. they want to be involved in every single asset. their parents who drove them to become dropouts were never this intrusive as they are now. figuratively they are the parent and the biggest of all government. the stuff they worry about on a day-to-day basis is absolutely insane. chicks in lingerie and head
1:45 am
dresses, what's in the snack thing. this is the only reason that obama can't jump in and save twinkie and do that pr thing is michelle is out there telling everybody they can't even have a burger anymore. they are involved in every aspect it's saddening to see what this country has rolled over for. >> bill: the left certainly wants to control the way we live. there is no doubt about it. >> every aspect i would say. >> bill: twinkie deal, hostess says they might be able to survive now now that they caused all the controversy about ho hoes, wing dings, this is poison, this is heroin they are selling, right, miller? >> well, listen. if americans are now going to go offshore to procure elicit ho hoes it won't be the first time. >> can i see a big smuggling train from cuba. they have lots of sugar there.
1:46 am
trying to stop it. >> i don't know where they are going to smuggle them because the twinkie is rather soft. between can a carolla and i if w the picture of the victoria secret you see what's coming down the road in this. i do a humor segment on here and i know you and i have a good time together. but i know you and your listeners see what's coming here. the guys who are ostensibly the most caring and the most liberal are now involved in what is this five or six topics in a row where you shake your head and you think my god, they are going to turn benghazi into another watergate except this time it's not nixon. it's their guy and they are never going to dig on it. that stuff is all going going to go under but they will worry about this minutia ad nauseam it's a bad turn for the united states. >> bill: it is. we are becoming a nation not only of a nanny state with the financial business, okay, so we will get you through live
1:47 am
cradle to grave but you better eat and drink what we want you to because that comes along with it: we will give you the stuff, all right, but you better do what we tell you to do. last word. >> listen. i got a laugh at it now because pretty soon they are going to tell you not to laugh at it. let's put it that way. >> bill: pretty soon, if you eat the twinkie, cuffs. cuffs, miller. >> by the way if you want to smuggle twinkies, don't call me. i don't even want to think about it. >> bill: both miller and i are looking forward-to-a arriving in texas this coming friday big show in austin. two shows in houston. matinee tickets still available. bolder fresher dvd selling quickly. makes a great stocking stuff although it may scare the kids. reality check on deck. our pal jon stewart turning on me. all about president obama's re-election.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. reality check, we begin with our pal jon stewart who may be' -- reacting to mitt romney's statement last week that entitlement promises by mr. obama won him votes. mr. stewart said. this. >> while mitt romney blamed his loss on obama voters bribability. saw a more personality stark seed change. >> it's not a traditional america anymore. traditional america as we knew it gone. ward, woolly june and the beav out of here. >> pretty much. >> yes, yes, bill. obama's re-election marked of the moment that traditional america ended. the moment when the family from the 1950s sitcom leave it to beaver ceased to be real. [ laughter ]
1:52 am
yes, it was a moment when traditional america obama's re-election was when traditional america realized even their witch wives couldn't save them from being replaced. bill o'reilly, what are you talking about? >> bill: here's what i'm talking about mr. obtuse. if you and your 17 writers would actually look at the exit polling you will see that a coalition of voters put the president back into the oval office. that coalition was nontraditional. which means it veered away from things like traditional marriage, robust capitalism and self-reliance. instead, each constituency that voted for the president, whether it be single women, hispanic women's, african-americans, whatever, very specific reasons for doing. so what do you think was going on at the democratic convention when a variety of speakers put out a whole laundry list of things they want the government to provide? did you miss that jon stewart? traditional american voters generally want a smaller government in washington. more local control.
1:53 am
some oversight on abortion and believe in american exceptionism. the majority of those who voted for president obama want a large government that spends heavily on entitlements because that reduces so-called income inequality. they want quality for gays in the marriage arena. they want unfettered abortion with no parental notification for minors. they want a one world foreign policy they gives other nations equal status to america. here's a bullet at this point to those pinheads at comedy central, those are not traditional positions. are we clear about this? mr. stewart wasn't finished. >> bill, fox, boobulahs. you don't need to worry so much. what you are demonstrating is the health and i have tattle of america's vitality of america's that dils condition ruling class of rise of religiously diverse new class one that will destroy all that is virtuous and good and bring
1:54 am
the american experiment crashing to the ground except you are forgetting one thing that is the american experiment. >> bill: notice the word lamenting. no lamenting here. no lamenting zone. stewart obviously channeling ben franklin one of our great experimenters. here is the deal. the country of is definitely changing. the values of americans being challenged by the coalitions, the democrats effectively put together. that's the deal. no lamenting, no race-baiting, no bull feathers, check 2 stewat the great direction when the country is heading i'm trying to get the folks to understand america's fascinating history. it's working much to the chagrin of the forces of darkness. yesterday, killing kennedy number one. killing lincoln number two on the "l.a. times" nonfiction best seller list. i don't think that's ever happened before. and i'm very happy the west coast are embracing these books. tell you the truth about kennedy and lincoln and the truth as jon stewart well
1:55 am
knows sets us all free. that is reality check. tip of the week about thanksgiving 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> the tip of the day, a good thanksgiving outing in a moment, but first the mail. stephanie, wood bridge, virginia. bill, get your head out of the sand. i'm one of the 47% romney said do not pay income tax but i didn't vote for obama to get free stuff. i voted for him on gay marriage and abortion. linda, overruled park, illinois. bill, you're right. the blame obama was handing out was too much for the republicans to overcome. greg from sand springs, oklahoma. mitt romney did not sell himself as someone who can relate to the lower class. many folks bought the smear campaign that romney only cares about the rich. brian from canada. president obama promised
1:57 am
goodies, romney promised jobs. the becon on the hill no longer shines. the reason asian americans went for obama is the republican party is perceived to be the white party. karen from texas. bill, i started recently watching the o'reilly factor. to be honest, i love it. i feel i've been watching it forever. the tip of the day helps me out. it's interesting because tv viewing patterns are changing quickly in america. for the first time more folks turn on their computers than the tv sets. immediately after the factor ends at 9 eastern time, most of the segments are posted on the net illegally in a lot of cases but there's nothing we can do about it. overall, the net is good for the factor, though, because if folks want to, they can almost instantly check out what we do here. when they hear the vicious propaganda that's constant against us. unfortunately, most of them don't want to know what's going on. angela from italy,
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